Bereavement Payments

In the event of the death of a beneficiary, a one-off £10,000 bereavement payment will be paid to the surviving spouse/partner, dependent child(ren) or estate of the deceased beneficiary, if there is no surviving spouse/partner.


Bereaved Spouse/Partner & Dependents


In the event of a death of a beneficiary, WIBSS will continue to pay the surviving spouse or partner 100% of the beneficiary entitlement for one year. Subsequent years are paid at a rate of 75% of beneficiary entitlement.  These payments will be on-going.  Where there is no surviving spouse/partner, this payment can be made to any dependent child(ren).

Any ongoing payment entitlement, is calculated from date of death of the beneficiary and payments are made pro rata dependent on when WIBSS are notified of the beneficiary death. You will be notified of your personal payment schedule via letter once processed by our finance team.