Here at WIBSS, we recognise that your needs as a member of the service may extend further than just financial assistance. This is why your specially trained adviser can also help you in a number with a number of key areas, where you may not have had support previously.

The holistic service we offer is bespoke to you and your family, it can include referrals and signposting to other recommended providers – but most importantly is designed to meet your needs. Although not exhaustive, below is a list of services we may be able to assist you with. Please get in contact to discuss further by contacting us here.

  • Practical matters like parking badge (Blue Badge), free bus travel and concessions and help towards funeral costs if you are on a low income
  • Help in completing forms, paperwork and applications including benefits.
  • Accessing health services, such as additional care requirements and health care transportation
  • Referrals for emotional support, guidance around support groups and what is utilizing your local services.


Help for friends & Family

We realise that your health not only impacts you, but it can also have a significant impact on those caring for and close to you. As such, your WIBSS adviser can also consider the circumstances of your carer or immediate family to check their entitlement to benefits which may help to improve your overall financial circumstances where necessary, along with any additional support requirements.

External Assistance

There are numerous providers who can offer specialised support, some of whom, you may already engage with. Below you can find a compiled list of resources and websites that may be of assistance to you.