Where a WIBSS beneficiary has died, please get in contact as soon as possible so we can amend our records and provide you with further advice regarding payments and ongoing support. You can find out the next steps by contacting us here.


Please note, it is likely we will need to receive a copy of the death certificate to formally update our beneficiary details, however we can provide answers to your queries at any stage. Upon the death of a beneficiary, there is a £10,000 bereavement payment available for individuals that meet the below criteria;

  • Widows, widowers, civil partners of the deceased beneficiary.
  • In absence of a legal union, partners are able to apply. To qualify as a partner you must have been living with the beneficiary at the time of death. You must be able to show either a joint bill or bank account statement proving this status, applicable to the date of death of the beneficiary.
  • Where there is no surviving spouse, civil partner, or partner, payments following death of a beneficiary can be made to a dependent child/children. To claim they must have been either under the age of 18 (or 21 if in full time education) at the time that the beneficiary died. A copy of each dependent child’s birth certificate is required to show the parental relationship with the deceased beneficiary.


Please note, further financial and welfare support may be available for the above individuals, more information can be found here.