The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) manage welfare benefits within Wales.

Each benefit has rules about who can claim and why they are paid. For some benefits, whether you can claim may also depend on:

  • How much money you and your partner have. These are called income-related benefits (or means-tested benefits)
  • Whether you have paid enough National Insurance contributions. These are called contribution-based benefits (or contributory benefits).

Crucially any payment you receive from the Welsh Infected Blood Support Scheme will not to be taken into account when calculating your entitlement to the benefits discussed within this section.

However, you are still required to declare to DWP any payments that you receive from the scheme. If you do not make DWP aware about such payments, they will not be able to determine what money to ignore when calculating your entitlement, and your benefits may be affected as a result. For more information please see the detailed guidance here.

If you are registered with the WIBSS and you need advice or help applying for benefits, speak to your personal welfare rights adviser by contacting us here.